Damien Williams for WR

Trade Damien Williams for either Mooney or Gallup? I already have Zeke, Barkley, Ekeler, and Henderson. I need WR help pretty bad. Who would be better Mooney or Gallup?

If you need a WR now you should do Mooney, only time will tell if the Fields/ Mooney team will work out. Hoping they will be benching Dalton.
Gallup probably won’t return until after the Cowboys bye week, and Dak has been hot this year. Probably can sell Williams for someone better than that.

I like the Williams for Mooney deal, but there’s no guaranty the Mooney owner will go for it. Fields and Mooney have already shown some chemistry.

Gallup is a fair alternative, but keep in mind all the mouths to feed in the Dallas offense. Gallup is just one. Gallup is very much a boom or bust WR in his current situation.