Curtis Samuel or Jarvis Landry Full PPR?

I have A Rob, Pittman (out today on my IR spot) Cee Dee lamb, Renfrow on my roster.

I have a bench spot…Which one would be the better pick off the waivers?? Curtis Samuel or Jarvis Landry??

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Doesn’t really make a big difference. Both had about the same snap share last week.

Landry plays for the better team (and has the better QB), but Samuel’s position might be a tad better, since he clearly out-played the presumed team WR1 last week.

Still… flip a coin.

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Tough call. Landry has the better floor,. but Samuel has the better upside. Landry may have some more significant upside that we haven’t seen, so take him .

My choice is heads. Who was that? :slight_smile:

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Landry will probably be the more reliable producer.