Corey Davis in Waiver Wire

Someone just dropped Corey Davis in my league.
Its a 10 team league, Should I pick him up?

If you have a worse player to drop, sure.

I’m sure there will be no competition…

It depends on what other WR’s you have?

I’m also in a 10 team league, depends on how many people you guys start and bench too. Corey Davis has been free in my league 80-85% of the time so far

Davis is a good WR3-4. I recommend him.

How desperate are you for wr’s? Jet’s QBs are a mess. Moore and Carter are eating targets. I just don’t see Davis being a consistent contributor to any roster. When would you feel confident putting him in your lineup? I’d pass.

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I’m not too hot on Davis, either. He’s a speculative add at best. Zach Wilson will probably return this week. He mostly ignored Moore and Carter so far. It will be interesting to see if that will change now. If not, then Davis could have some value again.

But I also wouldn’t start him before he puts up 2-3 consecutive startable performances. If you have a bench spot to spare, you can add him and hope for it. But in a 10 team league, there will probably be better options available.

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Sure, Davis is hot and cold. But for a WR3-4, that’s what you expect.

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There’s two types of FLEX players to me. One is the kind of guy who randomly puts up a great game every other week, but is otherwise quiet.

And then there is the kind of guy who regularly puts up modest numbers every single week. He won’t win you the week, but he won’t ruin it, either. If you start him, you know you’ll get no less than 6, but also no more than 12 points.

When I’m trailing in a matchup, I need the first guy. If he happens to have one of his big weeks, maybe I still have a chance. But when I am ahead in projections, give me guy #2. Doesn’t matter if I win by 5 or 15 points, as long as my FLEX guy doesn’t put up a goose egg, I’ll be fine.

Davis clearly is the #1 kind of guy. But even in that department, there may be better options available.

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Of course, but most of those aren’t sitting on the waiver wire.