Choosing a final keeper!

Hey guys. Full PPR 3 player keeper. Currently figured i will keep cmc in the 1st and Aaron Jones in the 2nd. For a final keeper should I go with Monty in the 4th, woods in the 5th, hunt in the 5th, deebo in the 8th or fant in the 11th?

Clarification please? What do you mean by 4th, 5th, etc.

I’d go ahead with Woods in the 5th. He should benefit greatly from Stafford’s arrival. Might be good value there. With keepers, I always try to choose based on where I’m getting the best value. :facepunch:

Now I understand, and I agree. Woods is a great value, but will also contribute more to your team than the others.

On the other hand, if you were to give up your 3rd keeper, would you get an earlier draft pick? That would be worthwhile to consider, as there are some outstanding rookies in this year’s class, on top of somebody will undoubtedly give a player of greater value than Woods.