Championship Advice

Looking for feedback/suggestions. Currently this is what I have.

QB: Hurts
WR: Lamb
WR: Aiyuk
RB: McCaffrey
RB: Etienne
TE: Kelce
WR: Kupp
RB: Taylor
RB: Z. White
K: McLaughlin
D: Browns

Bench: N. Brown, D. Robinson, J. Johnson, S. Diggs, E. Elliott and S. Barkley.

Appreciate any thoughts and good luck to everyone this week!!!

With McCaffrey out, I’d put Saquon in his place. Hard to trust Aiyuk this week because the 49ers are locked into the playoffs, but Diggs is going to be needed the whole game, so I’d say swap out Aiyuk for Diggs. As crazy as it is to say, maybe switch out Kelce for Johnson since they are resting Mahomes, and this is a must-win game for the Saints. I’d pay attention to Kupp’s status throughout the week as well. Otherwise you’ve got a solid lineup