Can you sync FPs with my CBS Sports Keeper League

I’m in a 12 team CBS Sports keeper league. You can keep up to 2 players using their last year’s draft position for the 2022 season. Say Barkley was drafted in 2nd round in 2021. If you keep him he fills your 2nd round position for 2022.

My question is can I sync to my CBS Sports 2022 draft through Fantasy Pros, plug in those kept players then select the players as they are drafted in CBS Sports so that Fantasy Pros can emulate what’s happening in CBS Sports and offer me the best draft option when it’s my turn to pick?

I’m new to Fantasy Pros so I’m not sure what capabilities you’ve created.

I just checked, and when importing a new team, they offer CBS as one of the source sites. So that part should work.

I don’t know how good the keeper settings will work, though. I have 2 dynasty leagues synced here. One of them drafts rookies & free agents, the other rookies only. I’ve not been able to set the mock draft wizard up to reflect that, though. It keeps drafting free agents in the “rookies only” league as well, which renders the tool pretty useless.

I wouldn’t blindly follow the tools, anyway. I often see 2 different tools giving 2 different answers on the same question. E.g. if you throw 2 players into the “start/sit” assistant, it will tell you to start player A, but the lineup optimizer will tell you to start player B. :man_shrugging: