AJ. Dillon/A.Robinson for M.Evans /D. Williams

I have been offered Mike Evans/Darrell Williams (KC) for my
AJ Dillon/ Allen Robinson

I am in a 12 team keeper league with 0.5 ppr scoring.

My current RBs and WRs on roster are:
RB: J.Jacobs, AJ Dillon , Mi. Ingram, A. Collins, K. Gainwell, and E. Benjamin
WR: J.Jefferson, R. Bateman, A.Robinson, C. Sutton

His current RBs and WRs are:
RB: C.McCaffrey, D.Williams, M. Carter, R. Stevenson
WR: M,Evans, T.Hill, AJ.Brown, D.Samuel

Comments are appreciated, thanks.

Evans has been disappointing lately and Williams will see reduced opportunities with CEH due to return. Also with the Jones injury Dillion will receive the next few starts.

If it were me Iā€™d pass or counter with substituting Carter for Williams.

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Agree with the Seahawk fan. Williams and Evans are worth les than what you are giving away. Counter him with Carter/Evans for Dillon/Robinson. Carter is a steal at this time.

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Make that 3 of us. That is not a favorable offer for you. Carter is the guy to go after.