Adam Thielen and Julio Jones for Trevor Lawrence?

In our Full PPR league, I was offered Thielen and Julio for T Lawrence…I don’t like Julio Jones…

Also, he has Deebo, Romeo Dobbs, Allen Lazard, Godwin, T. Mclaurin and he asked me if I would be interested in any other WR?

any suggestions which receiver/s will justify this trade?

Any time you can get more than a used Kleenex and a bent paper clip for a QB in a single-QB league, you’re a winner, but I would try to get a single decent WR instead of two bench-level WRs. Like maybe Godwin, or McLaurin if he won’t give Godwin.

I’d take Deebo or Lazard for Lawrence

I am not sure if he will give me Deebo…maybe I need to give him something more…lets c

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