A J Brown or Harrison?

Tuff question. Would you take A J Brown or Harrison?

Brown will be 27 next year, is a proven star who will be for at least 2 more years and has a great QB.

Harrison is 21 and the best rookie WR in many years and can be a #1 WR for the next 7-8 years with no QB or team.

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Off the top of my head, I’d say Harrison. However, I reserve the right to change that call once I review his scouting tapes.

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I’ve seen that it’s either a fair trade or Harrison Jr is better. I’ve not seen anything that says A.J. Brown is better. One negative on A.J. is his attitude. Think Terrell Owens. It was very evident at the end of last year.

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I’ve found a majority of the 2nd generation NFL or NBA players either meet or exceed their fathers output.

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A J was horrible the second half of last season and showed his frustration. Enter ne OC Moore who did wonders with K Allen, making him the #2 fantasy WR for most of the year when healthy at over 30. Expect a star top 5 WR but 27.

The talent Harrison has does not get any better. However, we don’t have a landing spot and we all saw what that did to top talent London.

I believe this will shake out with AJ best in redraft and Starvin Marvin best long term.

Starvin Marvin is just a South Park reference I have stuck in my head. lol