12 Team 1/2 PPR 8th Pick Should I Take Barkley?

If available out of these three who would you take?

I’m leaning Adams since its a 1/2 PPR, but Barkley could be a game changer if he’s healthy. Thoughts?

I lean Adams as well, then Chubb, then Barkley. I think Barkley may be there in the 2nd if you want him.

Now that people aren’t so worried about Barkley missing the first month of the season or something, you won’t get him at 2.05.

Being not a full PPR, I’d definitely go Barkley.

Barkley won’t be 100% until way into the season, assuming having to run against stacked defenses doesn’t send him to the IR first.

Adams and then Chubb.

Do you have any evidence of this, or should we draft based on your gut feeling?

Just a few recent news stories:

He hasn’t seen any contact yet, and the season is in 2 weeks?

Quote: “[Barkley’s] availability for the season opener against the [Broncos] remains a question.”

If it’s a “question”, then how are you so sure? And even if he does play, will he be 100%? Well, if you’re Dr. AxeElf, the answer is “yes, he’s 100% on day 1”. What more do we need, right? Heck, draft Barkley with the 1.01!

Sarcasm off.

That’s not my position. I believe he will PLAY day 1, but I don’t expect huge games out of him right away–he WON’T be “100%” on day 1.

I also believe that every player you draft is going to have five or six (at least) weeks where they are not 100% over the course of a 17 game season, and five or six games where they don’t perform up to their owners’ expectations. Tyreek Hill had a 3/20/0 game last year; doesn’t mean I’m scared of drafting him this year. I don’t think there’s enough concern for Barkley to be falling into the 2nd round, and if you get him there, be happy.

Parenthetically, Dak Prescott hasn’t had any contact yet, either, but nobody seems to be worried about him.

Now, if you think the O-line of the Giants is going to get Barkley (and Jones) killed, and there’s no way Barkley gets through the season without another major injury, then fine and dandy–but the previous injury shouldn’t keep him out of the first round.

Was Hill injured for most of the season? Did he miss a majority of games last year? Thanks for
the strawman…

QB’s aren’t RB’s. When an RB suffers a serious leg injury, it can threaten his career. When a QB injures his leg, he can still throw the ball, which is what he is supposed to do.

That is yet another valid concern with the G-men.