WR headache - help needed

I’m struggling to pick who to start this week…

My WR options (+ a flex) are Devante Adams, Deebo Samuel, Stefon Diggs and Michael Pittman?

For me, Adams is a lock, and Pittman is in Form with a favourable matchup, so it’s Deebo or Diggs?? Diggs has been a fantasy nightmare all season.


Diggs at Jets over Deebo at LAR.

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Adams is only a lock if Rodgers returns. It looks like he will, but that’s a situation to monitor.

Pittman is a definite lock.

Samuel has a terrible matchup, and Aiyuk is on the rise. Better to bench him.

Diggs is a good option this week. The Bills (and especially Josh Allen) will be very determined to bounce back from their week 9 humiliation.


Those are good problems to have. I’d take any two of those 4 on any of my teams!

What Zak said.

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Thanks :+1:. Forgot to add Deonte Harris to that, but I think Adams, Diggs and Pittman is the way to go.

Good luck this weekend :muscle: