When will the Draft Simulator be updated

when will the draft simulator be updated to the 2023 rookies??? a rookies only simulator with this past seasons rookies doesn’t do any good for managers in week 17. it would be way more helpful to be able to start looking ahead to next years draft.

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Welcome aboard!

While I agree with you, it may be premature to expect something like this during week 17 of the NFL season. We haven’t even finished with all the college football games, and that doesn’t even touch on the Combine or the NFL Draft.

Having said that, I plan to live stream today’s college football playoffs, and it will be here! Feel free to drop by, ask questions, or even throw out your own scouting ideas! This is the day of college football’s absolute best, so there will be plenty of prospects on display.

Just guessing that ir would be when the rookies to draft are decided. :slight_smile: