Fournette/Edmonds for

I need RB depth, I was offered this trade. Do I take it? My current RBs are McCaffery, Fournette, Edmonds, Hines, Darrel Williams D’Onta Freeman. (need depth)

My Fournette/Edmonds

for their:

Damien Harris/Devin Singletary/Jerry Jeudy

Side note, he would do Fournette/Edmonds/DK Metcalf for Damien Harris/Devin Singletary/Higgins

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Take that. It’s virtually an upgrade at every player.

Both trades are good for you, and I like the one involving Tee Higgins better than the one with Jeudy.

I would go with the one with Higgins…

Good trade, but I’m not sure it solves your problem.