Trade away Carson for Edmonds?

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Yes. Edmonds is producing very solid numbers in Arizona, while Carson has lingering injury concerns.

It depends on what you want. Carson has higher upside than Edmonds, due to td’s. On the other hand, Edmonds does bring you a safe floor of yardage and receptions production (assuming this is PPR or half PPR). All that said, I’d probably lean “yes”, mainly because Arizona is just so dominant now, it should give Edmonds more opportunity.

You would think so. But does he?

Carson gets more touches, but Edmonds has more yards.
Carson gets goal line carries, but Edmonds gets targets (5.5 per game, 91% catch rate).

In non-PPR leagues, the TDs may give Carson a little higher upside. But in PPR formats, Edmonds may outperform Carson, even if he (Edmonds) gets no more than 3-4 TDs for the season.

I probably should have qualified my statement with a “more potential upside due to td’s”. But if you read the rest of my statement, I did agree with you overall.