Torn on a trade presented to me

PPR format, 2WR 2 FLEX league, I’d trade Rhamondre and Zay Flowers and receive BRob and Higgins. It’s a 14 teamer so outside of Bijan and Mondre all my RB’s are handcuffs and suck. Meanwhile I have ARSB, Waddle and Aiyuk as my other WR’s. and have JSN as a stash for a hopeful late season surge. Mondre has been a huge disappointment and I know the Oline has been terrible and he is getting 18 touches a game but the NE offense just looks terrible imo. All of his metrics are trending down as well so I feel like getting BRob will give me a safer floor. Healthy Higgins is just better than Flowers imo. Thoughts??

Yeah, that seems like a net positive for you.

We pivoted, i traded Aiyuk and Mondre for Walker and Godwin. Im pretty happy