The Raiders Apology Tour

After the Raiders beat the Steelers, convincingly I might add, I am enjoying all the talking heads giving their “mea culpas” for how they dissed the Raiders before the season. First Scott Pianowski at Yahoo, then Peter King at NBC.

Just looking forward to the Fantasy Pros. I’m sure it’s on a podcast.

The Raiders are looking strong, I’ll give you that. Alas:

Week 2: 2-0
Week 7: 3-3
Week 12: 6-5
Week 17: 8-8

Week 2: 1-1
Week 7: 3-3
Week 12: 6-5
Week 17: 7-9

I wouldn’t open that playoff champagne just yet. Though the upcoming schedule certainly does look promising. MIA, @LAC, CHI, @DEN, PHI - a 6-1 record before the week 8 bye looks doable. We’ll see.

Mind you, I’m not predicting a Super Bowl. But I am predicting the playoffs. It’s only a question of whether they win the division or not. The best Christmas present in the world is if they beat out the Chefs (typo intentional) for the division!

Saw bleacher report has them at 15th in their new power ranking today, behind both Pittsburgh (14th) and Baltimore (5th), also Denver at 12th and Chargers at 9th. Crazy disrespect still out there

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Funny right? The Raiders even beat the Ravens, and still we get put behind them. Maybe if we beat the Chefs again, we’ll get some love?