Start or Sit week 6

Need 3 of these 4

Alex Collins RB sea
Rondale Moore WR ari
Julio Jones WR ten
Amon-ra St. Brown WR det

I’d go with Collins, Jones, and Amon.

You have to take a team’s RB1, and that means Collins. He’s not ideal, but he gives you a nice floor with his opportunities.

Jones is starting this week, and he’s an all-timer. Even though it’s Buffalo he’s playing against, AJ Brown will take the most pressure here, assuming the Buffalo defense doesn’t load up to stop Derrick Henry.

Amon has done well the past two weeks, so you have to run with him until he fails.

The reason I am dropping Moore here is he has been hot and cold, and the Cards are facing a tough Browns defense this week. Too many cooks in the Cardinal’s kitchen, so I’m not hopeful here. He could go off, or he could go nowhere.

We are on the same page. I could make a case for each one be it volume, matchup, or competition.
Thank you

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