Start Deebo or Tyreek

I worry about who’s going to be throwing to Deebo but he has a better matchup than Tyreek

It’s hard to sit Tyreek in nearly any matchup, although I agree he’s run hot and cold lately. But I suspect San Fran could turn to a running script if they get a lead on Houston, which could limit Deebo’s productivity. I would go with Tyreek here.


Tyreek Hill “exhausted” after spending Week 16 on the Covid list
Tyreek Hill was reportedly experiences serious fatigue in practice on Wednesday after spending Week 16 on the Covid list.

I think Deebo may be the stronger play regardless. Shanahan isn’t going to go away from his playmaker even if that means handing it to him.

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I missed that story on Tyreek. If that’s true, Deebo might be the play.

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Brutal to choose between these 2, but I suppose I would lean Tyreek as Kelce is coming back and this game will likely be more competitive. Deebo will likely be solid, but it could also be a blow out and he might not be asked to do much.

Deebo against Houston.