Robinson or Watson after losing Kupp?

0.5PPR Redraft
Sitting at 8-2 in a 10 team league but just lost Kupp.

Who is the better priority from waivers?
Christian Watson or Allen Robinson

Thanks so much.

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Robinson has been putting up pedestrian numbers all season. I’d go for Watson’s upside here, even though I would not expect him to score big time every week now.


I agree with Zak on this one. Watson has shown some serious potential.


Rams are a train wreck with no QB or RB to go with now no Kupp. Robinson now gets top cover. lol

Watson dropped 2 passes before going off and has had multiple injuries all year, including a new one for this week. He was playing due to injury but, no doubt he is a potentially explosive starter IF things shake out right.

King Aaron will decide.

Robinson will be more consistent.