MVP Week 7: RB Christian McCaffrey

I won three games this weekend, and normally my choice for MVP is the player who scores the most points in any of the wins. While that would normally be RB D’Onta Foreman, who put up 31.5 points for me, but he did it against a team that only scored 31.9 points! (maybe they’re tanking for Tua?) Beating an opponent by 100+ points is a satisfying Madden-esque win.

More satisfying is beating a rival by any amount. The rival I speak of is @SoBe717 aka Joe. His team is the South Beach Thunder, while my team is Hal 9000, which I literally named after his computer problems at the draft.


At the end of the day Sunday, Thunder was leading 104.36 to 85.96. There was just one problem for them: RB Christian McCaffrey, who was the only player I had going Monday night.

CMC got 96 total yards plus 3 catches and 2 td’s for 21.1 points to seal the victory for Hal 9000! This is why CMC is my MVP for the second time this season.

So who was your MVP this week?

My MVP’s so far this season:
MVP Week 1: WR Rashid Shaheed
MVP Week 2: RB Brian Robinson
MVP Week 3: QB Jimmy Garoppolo
MVP Week 4: RB Christian McCaffrey
MVP Week 5: QB Jalen Hurts
MVP Week 6: QB Jalen Hurts
MVP Week 7: RB Christian McCaffrey

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No MVP for me with losing all 3 games.

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Did you lose all three games? I am so sorry…maybe not? :grin:

I can feel your sarcastic sorrow all the way down in Miami. :sunglasses:

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What is that? :thinking:

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Week 7: Foreman (plucked right out of FA).

Kamara was a close #2, then Brown. I’ve found that since Kamara has been back, he’s averaging the sixth most points outright in the league for all players (in my one at least), at just over 33/pg. :astonished: What a steal in the 11th round.

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