MVP Week 2: RB Brian Robinson

My fantasy teams are off to a rough start for a variety of reasons, but collectively going 0-5 in week 2. One league was just bad luck, running into a team that seemed to have every single top player of the week (how many players can score 20+ points in one week for one team?), a few cases of bad sit/start decisions, and a few cases of being on the wrong end of close games.

So my MVP this week is just the one player who scored the most points for any of my losers: RB Brian Robinson of the Washington Commanders fka Redskins. He rolled over Denver with 18 carries for 87 yards, 2 td’s, 1 two-point conversion, and 2 catches for 42 yards, for a total of 27.9 points.


Honorable mention goes to QB Daniel Jones, who earned me 31.74 bench points. How was I to know he’d do better than QB Trevor Lawrence (9.24 points)? Lesson learned. I will have to play matchups with those two going forward.

So who was your MVP this week?

My MVP’s this season:
MVP Week 1: WR Rashid Shaheed
MVP Week 2: RB Brian Robinson

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I second Brian Robinson. He really came through for me this week. Puka is another one that is a close second. The comedy of errors that were involved in acquiring him may make him MVP for the year. Hahahaa

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Tuff question. I had a second great week in 3 undefeated again.

Swift went off for 25. Then Pitt went off for 26 on the way to over 150 points.
In my PPR league K Allen went off for 31.

Having fun but awave of “pyrite possibilities.” :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

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