MVP Week 13: QB Jake Browning

Monday night’s game was a thriller to behold. Funny thing was, I found myself starting to root for Bengals 2nd string QB Jake Browning not because I started him in one league, where the game was over even before Monday night. I rooted for what was arguably the best performance by a 2nd string QB this season: He was 32 of 37 for 354 pass yards and 2 pass td’s, as well as 22 rushing yards and a rushing td, for an eye-popping 34.7 fantasy points. This is how you define an MVP.

On top of this, I won this week’s game by a score of 179.2-104.3. And the reason Browning was starting? All four of my other QB’s were on bye. I had to start Jaylen Waddle in my superflex spot.

To further enhance what Browning did, I won two of my other fantasy games this week, with Trevor Lawrence and Jalen Hurts starting. The next closest player to Browning on all my winning teams was WR Nico Collins, who caught 9 passes for 191 yards and a td, for 29.6 points.

Here’s to you, Jake Browning! You’re the little guy sitting on the bench, just biding your time until you get the opportunity to shine. God bless you sir!

UPDATE: I’m not the only one who thought Browning had a great week:

So who was your MVP this week?

My MVP’s so far this season:
MVP Week 1: WR Rashid Shaheed
MVP Week 2: RB Brian Robinson
MVP Week 3: QB Jimmy Garoppolo
MVP Week 4: RB Christian McCaffrey
MVP Week 5: QB Jalen Hurts
MVP Week 6: QB Jalen Hurts
MVP Week 7: RB Christian McCaffrey
MVP Week 8: WR Ceedee Lamb
MVP Week 9: WR Noah Brown
MVP Week 10: WR Ceedee Lamb
MVP(s) Week 11: QB Trevor Lawrence and QB Jalen Hurts
MVP Week 12: RB Christian McCaffrey
MVP Week 13: QB Jake Browning

Nico won my redraft league game for me.

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You will never hear me knock Nico.

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You had to start Browning? Yikes. I’ve had both Allen and traded for Prescott earlier in the year. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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When you take over teams in dynasty leagues, sometimes you have little depth at some (or all) positions. I picked up Browning because Burrow wasn’t 100% early in the season, and he did have an injury history. So I took a chance on his backup.