Kyle Pitts Value

Pitts burst on the scene gaining 1,000 yards as a rookie and was seen by many as the best TE in the game. Last year Atlanta ran, had no QB and he was injured.

This year, the Falcons will be run heavy and London has connected with Ridder.
Fantasy Pros has an Average Draft Position of #67 for Pitts.

I would draft him a bit earlier in the 6th or maybe 5th but no higher in Atlanta.

A healthy Pitts with London and Bijan spells a dangerous offense. If Ridder is even a half decent QB, watch out!

You should remember it doesn’t take much to make a TE valuable. If Pitts gets 6-8 TD’s, he’s easily top 12. Add in 60-80 catches for 800 yards, and he’s top 5. If he gets his rookie numbers, he’s top 3.