Keeper Assistance

Keeper help here 12 team half pt ppr with 6 idps. Diggs in the 5th or Akers in the 21st. I was leaning Akers before the current soft tissue injury.

Diggs, without a doubt. But look for a better WR/RB in the draft for next year,.

If you are a contender, Diggs. If you are building, Akers.


Elfie, hard to say if this or you are worse. Suffice it to say neither are good.

You said Diggs too, but it’s good when you say it and not good when Axe Elf says it?

I was always someone who kept the the best value. However, I think I am changing my tune and finding myself just going with the better player, granted that it is still some keeper value. So I would go Diggs. So much surrounding Akers…injury, Henderson, and even possibly Williams.

You are wise. Good values don’t win Championships; good players do.

I refer to the “Can You Dig It?”