Help with sanders

Do I just get rid of miles sanders? Cause with bye weeks coming up I need to make room for week 7 to add a player and start him. Drafted him with high expectations, just highly disappointed with what the eagles have been doing with him

Depends on the depth of your league. Who would you be adding?

Honestly, just trying to get a defense for the week. Currently 5-1. Been wanting to get rid of him, but nobody in my league wants him

Sanders’ floor? 7 points in PPR. Not great, not even good, but not the worst. If you need a player for bye weeks, you could drop Sanders, but you probably won’t see him again. I’d pick him up in a PPR league, if he was available.

Don’t drop him. He has New York teams coming up.
Jalen “hurts” him. He audibles out of the run on a lot of plays. They have been missing o line starters. They get a couple guys back this week. The schedule has been rough. He might be good this week vs Vegas. His playoff schedule could be really nice. Depends how Washington teams defense is.