Half-PPR WR B Aiyuk or A Thielen

Half-PPR league

Pick 1 WR starter:
B Aiyuk vs TB or
A Thielen at Det

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Thielen has too good of a matchup. Start him.

In the last 8 games he started, Thielen had 2 good showings
Aiyuk had 4.

Aiyuk is risky. While I would start Deebo without hesitation as his production should be safe, Aiyuk depends on Brock Purdy bringing another strong week, which isn’t guaranteed.

It’s a very close call. We’re betting on which of 2 lottery tickets will win. Personally, I’d roll with Aiyuk, but in the one league where I have him, I don’t start him.

If you don’t want to decide based on gut feelings, flip a coin.

We no longer need to advise many of these posters. Just add an automated coin toss. lol