God bless Mr. Tags

An excellent man has fallen. Sometimes it seems only the good die young. May he find his rest and may his family prosper. I’m so glad there is a Gofundme page for them. It’s so sad.

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Just heard the news, loved listening to Tags on the podcast. Thoughts and prayers with his family and the whole FantasyPros community.

I will miss him. I disagreed with him at times, but the guy was good.

Terribly sad. He will be missed.

Never before did the death of a person I never met personally affect me so much on an emotional level as Tags’ untimely passing did.

I guess you did not have to know him personally to realize what a great person he was.

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After I came to Fantasy Football a few years ago, I soon discovered The Primer. Since then, I have always relied on the content produced by Tags during every season.
But this is not about The Primer. It is about recognizing that Tags lived life passionately through his work. Just as his work will be missed, I am sure that his passion for life and the memories he created will sustain his family as they go through this incredible tragedy.

Can we start the #TagsStrong Invitational Fantasy League?

This website is famous for collating fantasy advice from the farthest reaches of the fantasy presenters community.
Can you guys start a league in Tag’s honour, inviting the most accurate Fantasy Pros from the previous season? Put up a reasonable high buy in (suggested donation?) for the league, and match it.
Use the money annually to fund a college account for Tag’s kids. Or something else to benefit the family, while keeping his name and his legacy in the fore front of everyone’s minds every year.

If not this, then please something else. Please find a suitable way to keep Tag’s name alive in the fantasy community for years to come.

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