Draft Suggestions out of whack?

So in the Suggestions part of the draft engine, I’m trying to make sense of the analyst suggestion percentages:

It defaults to the “All” tab, and it gives you their top 4 options with varying percentages. I’m guessing those are how many of the experts would take that particular player with your pick in that moment. Easy enough to understand.

What’s confusing me is the percentages are not consistent when you go into the other position’s tabs. For example, in this All tab, it recommends Sony Michel 2nd out of the top 4 at 28%.

, but when you go to the RB tab, Sony Michel isn’t a top 4 suggestion.

Assuming you’re not looking for a specific position and are just taking a best-available approach, which tab should I be looking at? Flex? All?

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Welcome aboard!

I tend to use the cheat sheets. The recommendations are confusing.