Download to Excel from Cheat Sheet Creator

(1) In Cheat Sheet Creator, the Expert Comments do not show in full (I have to cumbersomely scroll a very short box; and

(2) when I download, it does not download the Expert Comments, and it download in a strange format of Overall, then player categories. Plus it is not in Excel format, but the more generic Numbers format.


Hi @BSMU please send a quick note to our support staff and they’ll be able to help you with this: FantasyPros Ticket Request


Thanks. I did and they are looking into it. Nice response time!

I’d like to make the same request. In the Cheat Sheet Creator interface I’m able to pick the columns I want to see (including Expert Comments and ADP), but these columns do not appear in the Excel download. Is there any way to get my custom view in an exported format?

I got an immediate response that FP was looking into the suggestion, but nothing since. I am guessing this is a way to make sure paid subscribers do not download and/or print commentary for use by non-paying users. Just a guess, but makes sense.

Why arent bye weeks listed when I download or try to print the cheat sheet? In fact the only thing listed are the tiers, player and team. NO ADP ECR or byes. Kinda useless