Article Editing

Just wanted to drop a friendly plea here. I like FP, use and read this site all the time. But lately, the editor has gotten ahold of a big bag of conjunctive adverbs and is throwing them all over the place.

Not every sentence needs to start with ‘however’, ‘furthermore’, ‘more importantly’. ‘meanwhile’, ‘fortunately’, ‘unfortunately’, etc. Particularly when the paragraph is a list of stats.

“So-and-so ran a 4.5 sec 40. Furthermore, he jumped 10 feet. More importantly, he has good game tape. Meanwhile, he had a good pro day. Fortunately, he has no off the field issues. However,…”

I think the writers here do a good job overall, but a little goes a long way with these sort of sentence level transitions. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the forum where we do NOT do that as you will see if you stick around.