Andrews or Shultz

Andrews or Shultz?

Andrews has been disappointing since his return from injury, not eclipsing 70 yards nor scoring a TD. If Huntley and Lamar are out I’m going to sit him. But if Huntley or Lamar play I’m stumped.

Shultz has been pretty consistent and has a massive end zone target share. He also gets a D that’s terrible against the TE position. On the other hand, Shultz also has a track record (this year) of following a good game with a bad game. If that trend continues, this week will be a struggle.

So who ya got FP community……….Andrews or Shultz?

I can see Schultz having a better game here…

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I am and have been playing Schultz since he got healthy and back with Dak.

I have been very happy with that choice.

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I should have prefaced that it’s a standard league with OPPR

Does this change any opinions?