12 Rookie Predictions & Sleepers

Derek Brown is very good and I like him agreeing on Chase Brown. :slight_smile:

I find myself disagreeing with D-Bro rather frequently.

I also noticed on at least 2 occasions last season that he contradicted himself in articles that were published days apart. The one I do remember from the top of my head was Zeke Elliott: in the same week, he labeled him as a top bounce-back candidate, and as a player with an inflated ADP, carrying a high disappointment risk.

Zeke had been the #6 RB in the previous season, and IIRC, his positional ADP was around #14 at that time.

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I do as well but still think he is very good. In overthinking I disagree with myself often but still think I am very good and would say the same of you. :slight_smile: