$100, Slow-Draft 8/25, Standard Scoring, 2 games a week

T**&A Fantasy Football ( We Need a New Team) **

Play TWO “Matchups” every week. You could be 2-0, 1-1, 0-2 (After Week #1)–Very competitive.

$100-Fee ($1,200 to be Paid Out) 100% Payback (Fantrax Treasurer, Secured),

Scoring: (No PPR): QB-- 1pt.per 75 yds, Receiving/Rushing 1pt.per 25 yds

I can send you a LINK to “Kick-the-Tires” to see IF you like our League BEFORE you Pay.
Fees are due before you Draft. (8/25)

***** IF, Interested – Please text or E-Mail *****

(Tom) @ (702-460-8303
E-mail: pappatom@aol.com