Week One Position Ranks

Here’s week 1 ranks from PFF’s Nathan Jahnke, He is a top fantasy analyst and one of the few I take seriously as he does a great job in research.

Hope this comes through as it is premium content but PFF is pushing memberships this week.


Rank Name Team Opp Notes
1 Josh Allen BUF @LA BM
2 Patrick Mahomes KC @ARZ GM
3 Jalen Hurts PHI @DET GM
4 Lamar Jackson BLT @NYJ
5 Justin Herbert LAC LV
6 Kyler Murray ARZ KC
7 Russell Wilson DEN @SEA GM
8 Tom Brady TB @DAL BM
9 Joe Burrow CIN PIT
10 Aaron Rodgers GB @MIN
11 Trey Lance SF @CHI
12 Dak Prescott DAL TB
13 Matthew Stafford LA BUF
14 Derek Carr LV @LAC

Wish I would have seen this QB rank on Thursday. It would have given me pause on Stafford who he had at #13,