Swift Replacement for Week 4

Swift is normally my RB2 but hes obviously injured

Although Penny has been pretty terrible he plays the worst D against the run in week 4
Singletary had a great week 3 but has also been very inconsistent, yet he plays on one of the best offenses in the league

Penny or Singletary as my RB2 in a standard league

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I’d lean towards Singletary, even in a standard league. While he gets most of his production through the air, he still racked up more total yards than Penny.

Penny does have a good matchup, though. But it’s difficult to trust him, as he now also has Ken Walker breathing down his neck.

Singletary would be the play in a PPR league, but he’s not really a goalline beast.

I’d go with Penny.

I would look to J, Williams off waivers if available.

He was drafted in my league

Surprising. However, there is no good choice you offer. I would look for something better. JMO

12 team league that’s been together for over 11 years. Dudes know what they are doing so there aint jack sh!t on the waiver.

So my choices are Singletary Penny or Henderson Jr but no way I’m playing him.
Best waiver RB options are Burkhead, Ingram McKissic (but remember its a non ppr)

Got cha, Singletary short term. B Robinson on IR and believe Cook will come on in the second half.

Penny is risky, but if you have Penny, you start Penny, especially against a bed defense. You start Penny until he drops, which he will.