Sit Henderson? Start Robinson or find someone new?

I have Darrell Henderson and not sure about his health. I already have James Robinson on my bench but wondering if I should try to get someone new… Tony Pollard? Someone else?

Even if Henderson plays against the Buccaneers, you can’t expect much–so yeah, if there is a guy on the wire who will get you more than 5 points, and you have a player you can drop for them, go for it.

I would take Robinson over Henderson and Pollard over Robinson.

If Pollard is available, ok. As for other options, I don’t know who is available in your league, or whether it’s a PPR league or half PPR, so I’ll toss you some names that could be: Kenyan Drake, Michael Carter, or Cordarelle Patterson. They probably won’t have an explosive game, but they should get you past this week with little damage. If you’re looking for high upside among them, Carter has shown some improvement, so he could breakout.