Max Scherzer ROS Projections

The rest of season projections for Max Scherzer are absolutely ridiculous.

  1. IP: 46.5 - He should get about 14 more starts if he stays healthy the rest of the season. For his career he has averaged over 6 innings per start. SO lets just say with the previous injury (that he’s fully healed from) and maybe the Mets hold him back alittle (they wont), if he goes 5 innings per start thats 70 IPs. Most projection sites range from 71-88 innings the rest of season
  2. ERA: 4.63 - Most projection sites say an ERA ranging from 3.01 to 3.15. I would say that a reasonable. His first two starts coming back from injury have been 13 innings on 1 run ball… This estimate is unrealistically high
  3. WHIP: 1.62 - His WHIP in his rookie reason was 1.23. His highest WHIP ever was 1.35 in 2011. 1.62?!?! Where is this number coming from? He has never come close to a WHIP that high.

All I’m asking here is to update the projections for him rest of reason. Its clouding the analysis that this site provides and its overly aggressive in a bad way.

Please update!!

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Hi there! Excellent point. First time I post around here. The only reason I came across this is because I was searching for a place to post the exact same you have here. These projections don’t make sense at all.

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DITTO!! I pay for premium information and updates and someone is dropping the ball on Max. Those projections don’t make any sense. Please update!!