Leonard Fournette over DJ Moore

Leonard Fournette over DJ Moore?

I know all the auto projections say Moore but am I nuts to start Fournette over him at my flex?

PPR, half PPR, or standard league?

Half PPR league 12 teams

As long as there are ANY points for receptions, I will take Moore over Fournette every day, and especially on Sundays!

Yes, you are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Bucs backfield is about as unpredictable as the Niners one, but without the huge upside.

In any PPR format, I wouldn’t blame you for starting Gio Bernard over Fournette. But I wouldn’t start either of them over DJ Moore.


I don’t even want Fournette on any of my rosters (and I succeeded, not coincidentally) and I certainly wouldn’t start him over DJ Moore if I somehow made a mistake and he ended up on one.

Fournette has a great matchup, but I liked what I saw from DJ Moore Week 1. Darnold will likely continue to key in on him, and Lattimore is hobbled. DJM for me.