Free YahoO redraft going into its 18th season wants 2 managers

A 10 team YahoO platinum league going into its 18th season can acquire 2 managers. This is a free league, with pro-style stat mods that benefit workhorse players and active managers, with little restrictions. The live draft is to take place on the last Sunday before games start (Sept. 3rd) at 5:30 PDT. It is a deep league with 20 roster spots (+2 IR). QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, WR/TE, WR/RB, WR/RB/TE, K, DEF, 8 BN. You must submit a screen shot, or place/send a link of your fantasy history (from any site; example below) as no new fantasy players will be accepted. It currently consists of 3 diamond, 3 platinum, a silver and bronze manager. The last four titles are owned by two managers. More info available upon inquiry.

Think you can hang? :sweat_smile:

2022 top 15 player final standings using stat mods below:
(Note: A few K cracked the top 130’s in total pts)

League stat mods:

Fantasy profile (example):