**2022 Startup** 16 Team Full IDP, 53 Man Rosters with Contracts/Salary Cap

Looking for owners to join a 53 man startup. As close as you can get to an NFL sim as possible. Full rosters including defense, contracts, salary cap, franchise tags, rookie draft, etc.

$50 per year buy-in (must pay 2 years at the start, as to be able to trade future picks. Then each year’s $50 payment goes towards the future year) plus $14.99 one-time fee to RSO for hosting. Payment through leaguesafe.
1QB league (since 16 teams). 1/2 PPR scoring, standard IDP scoring. 53 man rosters.

16 teams (8 per conference). Top 3 in each conference make playoffs. Top seeds get a bye.
$100 payout to each conference winner.
$75 to the highest-scoring regular-season team.
$300 to playoff champion.
$150 to playoff runner-up.
$75 to playoff 3rd place.

Hosted through Reality Sports Online.

Email nathanael.gabler@gmail.com if interested.