Will Early Disappointments Come Back?

HENRY, Cook, Hall and Etienne and many more are off to bad starts while others are surprising to the good.
Will these players correct themselves? What caused the production drop?

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How many see many starters not playing in preseason as the cause of many players not starting off well?

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You have to take each of these cases one by one, as there’s a ton of reasons for their slow starts.

I will point out that Breece Hall was a rookie on a team with an already established starting RB. That’s typical “welcome to the NFL, rookie” treatment. Hall will get his chances.

RB’s are very instinctive, so I don’t worry about them as much. Especially veteran RB’s in systems they know. Henry I worry about, coming off a serious injury, and with his age. He may have lost a step.

Cook is in a new offense, so he may or may not come around. Stay tuned…

Etienne is practically a rookie for all intents and purposes. We’ll see what he can do.

It depends on the position. You’ve only mentioned RB’s. The WR’s have started hot, while a few QB’s are struggling (hello, Aaron Rodgers!). QB’s and offensive lines are where you see the biggest development problems when they don’t play in preseason. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady will be fine in the long run, but younger QB’s need the practice, and the hits.

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