Where Does Brady Land?

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I pray it isn’t the Raiders, and I can’t see Brady joining a team with such a retched offensive line and defense. I will say if Brady does end up with the Raiders, grab their 3rd down RB, cause that guy will have a ton of catches!

The only way I want to see him in Miami is with the rest of the retired pains in the ass from Mass.

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Can’t argue the article. The Raiders indeed check all the boxes, where other teams have ifs and buts.

The Raiders definitely need a QB. Brady knows McDaniels. They have a good receiving corps, if Adams stays in Vegas. But they do not look like a title candidate.

The Dolphins may be forced to a QB change if Tua’s health problems remain. And even if not, they may have second thoughts about Tua. They easily have the best receiver duo in the league, are trending up as a team, and are certainly a playoff candidate.

The 49ers are most definitely a title candidate. If they decide to move on from Trey Lance and see a future in Brock Purdy, signing Brady for a year and using the time to further develop Purdy wouldn’t be a terrible idea. However, if they really manage to win the title this year with Purdy, the question is if they really have a lot of incentive to try this.

And of course, there’s always the option that he will finally retire for good.

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Add in the rumors about the Raiders trying to trade Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow, while also not re-signing Foster Moreau, and you have a team without a TE or a slot WR on top of the lack of offensive line and defense. Bringing over-the-hill Brady into this train wreck is not a recipe for success.

By the way, if you are counting on Josh Jacobs to replicate what he did this season, be afraid. He had 393 touches, which puts him above the 370 touch threshold for increased injury risk next season. Don’t expect Jacobs to be what he was this year. If I was Raider GM, I’d put a non-exclusive franchise tag on him, and hope somebody (anybody) makes him an offer. Then let him go and take the two 1st round picks to the bank.

Another intriguing possibility for the Raiders, although the article probably has it nailed as a “pipe dream” due to contract realities:

But if the Ravens do let Lamar walk, or even use a non-exclusive franchise tag on him, he could be what the Raiders offense needs, even with his health questions.

One of the writers from PFF I know said in preseason that McDaniels had a track record of running FA RBs into the ground which is exactly what he did. There are already articles saying not to expect anything like this past year from Jacobs and they do not expect him to get big offers.

I think Brady looks MUCH better in black than Aqua.

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Not as good as this:

THAT is how a QB should look!

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I can only say:

Feb 1st, 2022: Brady says he’ll retire for good.

March 13th, 2022: Brady unretires, re-signs with the Bucs.

Feb 1st, 2023: Brady says he’ll retire for good.

March 13th, 2023: (tbd)


LOL. I think he just may mean it this time. There is no good option for him to go out with another SB. JMO

San Francisco.

For the 49ers, it would make sense, as Purdy will miss half of the preseason. Plus, they could give him a year to develop under the GOAT, while knowing that they can use him any time grandpa needs a break.

For Brady it would make sense, as the Niners are one of the best teams in the league.

I’ll believe that Brady retired for good when the season kicks off and he’s still retired.

Forgot about them as I think they will go Lance but possible.

Can’t rule that out. But they have shown in 2022 that they are title contender. That window won’t stay open forever, though. Going with Lance is a risk, as they still don’t know if he can carry the team. Purdy has shown that he can.

So trading Lance, signing Brady for the title run and keeping Purdy for 2024 and beyond wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

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I pretty much gave up on guessing what SF will do other than CMC being a top of the line player…

I got Eli off waivers and he helped me win a title and next year injury and done.
I drafted Lance, stashed for a year and injury and nothing.

I’m gonna stick to trading RBs. lol

Whoever chose Fox Network as Brady’s landing spot, wins the pool!