Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (7/19)

Hello, I am 3rd in the draft order. Likely will go Henry as he will fall to me. Then on the end of the 2nd, AJ Brown always ends up there for me to pick up. I try not to as that would put too much emphasis on the Titans for my team. What is your thought on stacking Henry with AJ Brown in the first 2 rounds?

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That’s why I’m afraid if I don’t keep swift, I may be out of luck on rbs especially if I have a late pick. Chubb, cmc or Henry, and Barkley will be first rounders if kept

Would you trade for Henderson if you have Cam? I was offered Henderson for a 2022 3rd and Michael Carter. Dynasty IDP startup
My other rbs are Sermon, Dillon, Penny, X Jones, Pookie Williams. Or should I wait and see if they trade for a rb or pickup a free agent.

I think the trade offer is a bit lopsided but I need a starting RB.

That’s funny you say that, I have the 9th pick this year and fully planned on grabbing Kelce with my first round pick, then grabbing two stud RB’s before the drop off! Thanks guys!

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I absolutely love Aiyuk’s upside this year, but his ADP is pretty pricy in the fifth round. You could get other guys like Diontae Johnson or Tee Higgins there, and pick up Deebo Samuel in the 7th instead. He’s more of a value than Aiyuk, and should have just as much production if not more.

In a standard scoring 10 man keeper league. I lost Cam Akers as my keeper :sob:
Who should I now keep if I’m picking 9th with most of the premier RBs gone?

Chubb in the 1st
Hopkins in the 3rd
Swift in the 6th
or Lamar in the 10th


Do you get to keep the pick for more than one year? If so, I can’t pass on the value for Hurts here, His rushing upside alone puts him in the QB1 conversation. I can see him struggling a bit this year, though, so if you can’t keep him past this year, I might keep Keenan instead as we know what you’ll get from him. I am not high on Montgomery as much of his production came during a ridiculously soft schedule during the last 6 games of the season.

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Awesome insight. Thank you.

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Yea we can keep for multiple seasons and I’m not really a Monty believer either so definitely leaning towards keeping Hurts!

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I’m keeping Chubb. The Browns have one of the best O-lines in the league this year and Chubb finished as the RB9 despite playing in just 12 games last year. Kareem Hunt’s usage fell off the second half of the season as well. Cleveland also has the third-best schedule for running backs this year. Chubb could finish in the Top 5.

How do yall feel about johnathan taylorat his adp?

Please forgive the somewhat complicated scenario that I’m about to seek advice on in advance!!! :sweat_smile:

League: 10 person, Full PPR, 2 player Keeper
Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (W/R/T), DEF, K

  • I currently have two 1sts (1.06 & 1.08), no 2nd, two 3rds (3.07 & 3.09), a 4th and no 5th;
  • I’m basically locked on keeping J.Taylor and can also select one of Mahomes, Waller or Gibson as my potential #2; OR…
  • I can make the following trade for Zeke to lock in as my #2:

(blocked out names in case my league mates see this, lol)

(It’s also worth noting that I we have a 1 round rookie draft on “the side” which I have the #2 pick in currently, but with this deal, I would also be swapping my #2 rookie picks for the #1 rookie pick from the Zeke owner)

All in all, it feels like this would be me trading one of Mahomes, Waller or Gibson PLUS whoever I would select at 1.08 in the 1st round (likely a CEH, K.Allen, AR, McLaurin type, possibly even Waller) PLUS Chase (the rookie i’d likely draft at #2) FOR Zeke, Najee (the rookie i’d likely draft at #1) and a 3rd rounder aka 3.04 (could probably get Lamar, Josh Allen, Julio, Godwin, Kupp around here).
I also own 3.02 (so almost back to back at the top of the 3rd)

Do you think this trade is worth it? I’d essentially start the draft with JT, Zeke and Najee… One 1st (instead of two), no 2nd, THREE 3rds (instead of two), one 4th and no 5th (the rest of my picks are in-tact/where they should be).

Hopefully this was clear and concise, and thank you for any insight anyone can help provide!

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I absolutely love JT and he is one of my biggest targets this year. He’s a workhorse who plays behind arguably the best offensive line in the league and the Colts have a good schedule for running backs this year. JT has a high floor and there is less uncertainty about him than guys like Barkley and Kamara.

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Ok, there’s a lot to digest here. First off, I’m keeping Lamar for a 13th because that’s just insane value. I’m also keeping Cooper for a 6, as his ADP is 3rd round, and I think the Cowboys will go off this season. Then I’m either going to go with Mixon for a 3rd or Montgomery for a 6th. I’m not high on Montgomery, but the 6th round is a good value for him as he’s creeping into the 2nd round in drafts. If you throw Chubb back in, you can still keep 3 players and take Chubb with the fifth pick. I’ve crossed off the names you shouldn’t consider here at all.

Yeah, if you can keep Hurts for more than one year, it’s a no brainer!

It depends on who else is being kept. I’d rather have guys like Ridley, Justin Jefferson and AJ Brown who I see falling into the second round.

I don’t think I’d do that deal unless you’re a contending team. The Rams have never committed to Henderson as their lead back and could possibly still bring in a veteran. I think that’s too much to give up for basically just a one-year stopgap.

Thank you. Very solid advice.

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Barkley for the 1.01 should be a fair offer. Keep Woods. If he wants more, offer him a scrub player or draft pick.

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I will consider, but I have to see Cooper come off the PUP list and look like he did last year in the preseason. Right now, my keepers are in Bold. Take care.


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