Trying to make the chipper, need help!

Need 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 2 flex from the following: A Ekeler, JK Dobbins, Rhamondre S, N Chubb, I Pacheco, AJ Dillion, Mike Evans, DJ Moore, Tee Higgins, G Pickens

I’m guessing Stevie Wonder could see Ekeler, Dobbins, Stevenson and Chubb (if healthy) to go with Evans and Higgins. :slight_smile:

Thanks, probably overthinking Moore vs. Lions 30th rank pass D and Pacheco in same situation vs. Seahawks 31st run D

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If you need splash…I would play Moore over Evans. The only thing AZ is doing well is rush the passer. Brady wont have time for Evans deep routes and they will be up big early. No passing in second half. Safe bet is Evans with 13 pts. Moore could get you 5 or 25.

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Not sure I need the splash, a safe floor will likely get me enough as my opponent has a lot of players with tough matchups or in probable bad weather locations. You do bring up some good points on pass rush and game script so I’ll need to keep that in mind. Thanks for the input!