Trade for Mixon or Swift?

Guy in my league is desperate and is willing to give up either one of them + Mooney for Mike Williams and James Conner. Which RB has more upside down the stretch? Mixon gets the carries and is in a better offense, but Swift gets receptions and garbage time points…

Notes: Trading away Conner since I have Ekeler + Saquon coming back… WRs are Deebo and McLaurin who I value over Williams.

12-team redraft PPR league (1QB - 2RB - 2WR - 1TE - 1FX)… currently 5-4

You basically answered your own question. Or at least I don’t have any better answer. ROS schedules don’t look dramatically different, either.

In PPR, I would probably lean towards Swift. But Mixon certainly isn’t a bad choice, either.

Swift gets the larger share of the offense consistently, Mixon can disappear in some game scripts. I’d go with Swift personally.

So can Swift, as seen in weeks 2, 4 and 8. Intuition would suggest that his higher number of targets should give him a safer floor in PPR, but the actual fantasy production does not support that.

Both players produce pretty similar fantasy points, despite playing for very different offenses and sporting a different profile.

Mixon is more TD dependent than Swift. But he does get the TDs. 7 rushing + 2 passing, compared to Swift’s 3+2.

Excellent points. It comes down to which you value more TDs or Receptions and which you think is more sustainable rest of season.

Swift leads all RBs in targets, receptions and yards yet only has two TDs on the year. He plays 70% of his team’s offensive snaps, It’s only really him or Hockenson in that offense. So I think the volume will continue to be there and the scores will follow.

I don’t want to argue against Swift here. As I wrote above, I’d lean towards him as well. But for all intents and purposes, his fantasy scores are almost identical to Mixon’s, even though they get there rather differently.

Swift indeed gets the much greater overall volume. The goal line carries now seem to go to Jermar Jefferson, though - at least, they did in the last 2 games. Swift gets one every 2-3 games, and I don’t think that will change dramatically.

Also, getting the same fantasy production via a much higher volume also means a higher injury risk - also something to keep in mind. Mixon’s production is limited by him clearly being on a snap count, and getting replaced by Perine or Evans, as soon as a game is closed out. That’s a smart move by the Bengals, though, as they don’t want to lose him again towards the season finale.


I really appreciate all of the input here and the thoughtful points. Ended up giving more value to Swift’s receptions so I snagged him. I am slightly worried about Mixon’s decreasing workload, and also Jamaal Williams is available in my league as a handcuff. If anyone cares, final roster as I try to stay in the hunt (5-5):

QB: Russ Wilson
RB: Austin Ekeler
RB: D’Andre Swift
WR: Deebo Samuel
WR: Terry McLaurin
TE: Noah Fant
FX: Saquon Barkley


That’s one good looking roster. :+1:

Thanks! Hopefully it’s enough this time… came in 2nd last year

QB could become a small problem, though you’ll probably have to ride it out. The Seahawks just don’t look good this year, Russell included. I see him only as a middling QB2 for the rest of the season.

Problem is, some potentially better candidates are struggling as well. Justin Herbert and Kyler Murray, to just name two.

If you have a chance to get your hands on Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Matthew Stafford or Aaron Rodgers in a reasonable deal,I’d try to get one of them. But it would most likely cost you one of your RB/WR starters, and that wouldn’t make sense then.

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Ha! Funny you say that, because I thought the exact same thing…

Just made a deadline deal and traded Eli Mitchell for Jalen Hurts to add some QB depth. He was really the only QB available to trade for (guy already has Brady), but he’s been solid this year + his schedule looks pretty easy the rest of the way