Trade away George Kittle for Logan Thomas and COrdalle?

Should I trade away Kittle for Cordalle and Logan Thomas

It’s a downgrade at TE and Patterson is injured on a struggling offense. What do they have better than Patterson to offer? I would pass on the trade as is.

Kittle for Cordarrelle AND Thomas? Sign me up!

Kittle’s been struggling with injuries the past 2 seasons.

On the other hand, even if Cordarrelle doesn’t play tonight, he’ll be back next week. AND you get Logan Thomas who will likely be back this week! There is nothing to dislike in here.

Kittle has been trending upward of late - it seems that their entire offense is based on him and Deebo… So a banged up Logan Thomas is definitely a downgrade at TE. Patterson is in a bad offense and is also injured (enough to sit out Thursday’s game) - so unless you’re desperate for Cord’s WR/RB versatility, I would pass on this.

In my opinion - better off riding with Kittle and streaming position players weekly ('tis the year of the backup running back!)

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