The Washington Scandal

RE: NFL accuses Washington Commanders of impeding Congressional probe - ProFootballTalk

Regarding the current Washington Commanders scandal, what does this mean to fantasy football? For redraft leagues, a LOT! For the upcoming season, we have no idea what to expect from the front office. Owner Dan Snyder could be gone next week, next month, or even next year. If a new owner gets put in place, he could be anything from good to Snyder 2.0.

The players currently on the Commanders roster will probably stay there this season, but how much improvement we see from free agents and the draft is up in the air. Even if they draft or sign a great player, the coaches overseeing that player’s development have to be looking at their own situation as tenuous.

Personally, if I’m a free agent, I am avoiding Washington like the plague until things settle down. If I’m a Washington free agent, I’m on the first train/plane out of town. Expect some serious regression from Washington players next season.

On the other hand…for dynasty leagues, this is your chance to pick up the best Washington players. This season will be funky, but next year should be better after Snyder is gone. How much worse can the next owner be, right? Gibson, McLaurin and possibly Heinecke could be steals going into next season. If you’re rebuilding, this is your chance to get these guys on the cheap.