The Ruggs pulled out

If you haven’t heard, Raiders WR Henry Ruggs is in big trouble:

So what should Ruggs’ owners do? Two words: Zay Jones. Granted, Zay doesn’t have Ruggs’ speed, but he is a deep threat, and sits behind Ruggs on the Raiders’ depth chart. If Ruggs gets suspended or worse, Zay is the first one to step up. On Yahoo, Zay is rostered in 0% of leagues. Grab him while you can.

It goes from bad to worse for Ruggs:

Yup. Seems like he’ll spend the night behind bars, he’s just been booked into Clark County Detention Center.

Causing a fatal DUI accident usually means jail time. A long suspension from the NFL will almost certainly follow. Unless there is something to the story that we do not know yet, Ruggs’ career will be pretty much over.

No sympathy here. He killed a 23 year old woman, and injured another 22 year old one who was in his car.

The fact that he was out drinking after 3:30 am on a Tuesday is just the icing on the cake.

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Is Bryan Edwards the guy to pick up here after this awful event?

Actually, no. Edwards isn’t a deep threat, which was Ruggs’ normal role. Jones has done that before, and even a few times this season. Also, Jones is listed behind Ruggs on the depth chart.

So you think they are going to replace his specific skill (deep threat) with Jones, and not consider that Edwards may be a better overall WR.

Don’t get me wrong, Edwards is a better overall receiver. But Edwards isn’t a FASTER overall receiver. Even Jones is faster than Edwards. In truth, both Waller and Renfrow are better overall receivers than Edwards, which leaves him the odd man out.

I’m appreciate your thoughts. I’m trying to figure if I should pick up Edwards or Jones?

If you’re replacing Ruggs, you get Jones. Edwards will only really have value if Renfrow or Waller are out.

Even worse:

Make that “his career is over” then. If a team drops their star player like a hot potato over such an incident, I would take it as an indicator that this didn’t come completely out of the blue, and that he had received prior warnings to change his behavior.

I won’t say his career is over, but it is darned close to over. It would take some legal maneuvering, and probably some jail time like Michael Vick, before Ruggs could possibly resume his career. Ruggs is still young, so even serving 5 years jail time would still leave him with plenty of time to play again. But even in a dynasty league, that isn’t worth holding onto him.

The prosecutor said Ruggs was driving 156 mph (that’s over 250 km/h for us Europeans) when the accident occured. The debris field stretched over several hundred yards. His blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit (which is 0.08%). And a loaded gun was found in his car.

He’ll get more than 2 years…

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No doubt. But he has money, and I’m sure he’s well lawyered up. Whatever sentence he gets won’t match the damage he caused. I’m thinking 5-8 years, with time off for good behavior, which would leave him 27-30 when he gets out. He could still resume a career, but I wouldn’t hold onto him in dynasty leagues. That’s just too long to wait, and you don’t even know if he’ll be any good after that big a layoff.