Teams to watch as Pre Season Winds Down

Real football is only a month away and practice games end Aug. 28.

Many players draft value depends on what happens in the next few weeks and we will be chatting about them in the coming few weeks.

However, there are three teams who I will be watching closely as they are all in my plans.

SF- Does Lance lock down the job? Trade Jimmy G? Same on Mitchell? How will he affect Kittle and Debo?

Jets- Will Hall be a true feature back or does Carter take a bunch of touches?
Does Moore show he is the real #1 WR?

KC- Who is running and who is catching other than Kelce?

Who else?

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These are both “yes”. SF has already burned the Jimmy G. bridge, so it’s Trey Lance or bust.

Not sure if the Jets will tip their hand on what the real balance of touches will be during the season.

Good questions.

I would like to see at least a taste of the Raiders offense, even if it’s only one drive.

The Falcons intrigue me, but I doubt we’ll get a good feel for what they will do in preseason.

I could come up with questions for every team, but I doubt I could watch that much preseason football.

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Those are all very good questions. If we will get reliable answers during the preseason is another question, though.

Remember last year, when Ja’Marr Chase struggled mightly throughout the preseason, making his new owners abandon ship. Only to then eat rookie records for breakfast all throughout the season.

The Niners and Chiefs will still be interesting to watch. As will the Broncos, where we also don’t know yet who will turn out to be Russell Wilson’s favorite target.

In Green Bay, I’m looking forward to see Romeo Doubs, who receives a lot of praise in TC. In Philly, it will be interesting to see if Jalen Hurts indeed shows progress as a passer.

In Indy, I will watch for more signs that Nyheim Hines will involved more in the passing game. If Pittman will have as great a season as I expect is something the preseason will probably not answer, though.

And maybe the Dolphins will give us a hint how their backfield will work out. Right now, it’s as ambiguous as the Niners’ one. Which is not that surprising, if you consider the job history of Miami’s new HC.