TE (PPR) rest of the players STD

TE premium question. Our TE position is flex only but TE is PPR but the rest of the positions are STD. So, who to start Breece Hall or Goedert?

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When you look at stats year-to-date, Goedert looks better. But Hall only finished a point behind Goedert last week, even accounting for the PPR difference. I think Hall has the higher ceiling due to his potential, but Goedert has the safer floor, due to the PPR scoring difference. It just depends on what you need from the flex.


the team I’m playing this week and I are near a coin flip to win. Based on projections. So should I go for the more risky player in Breece to see if I can win it?

You should always start the players who will score the most points.

When I’m behind in projections or when it’s a close match, I lean towards players with a higher ceiling. Only when I’m ahead, I will go with players with a safer floor.

That still doesn’t answer the Goedert vs Hall question. I would roll with Goedert, though. Hall is too unstable to trust him yet.

The final answer this week: Goedert 12 points, Hall 9 points. Goedert wins!